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About Us

Specializing in custom apparel is our passion. From direct ordering shirts to raising funds for schools and organizations across the nation, we pride ourselves in customer service!

For over a decade, Spirit Supply, has been nestled in the heart of Grand Prairie, TX. Local theaters and businesses, schools and city departments have relied on us to provide high quality apparel and merchandise for any event.

A few years ago, we took what we had and turned it into a way to benefit schools and organizations with our customized apparel fundraiser program. This program is a growing success! With each product sold, a donation is given back to the organization. Our program has been called a risk free, win-win that leaves everyone looking great!

Whether you are looking to direct order custom apparel with no artwork, set up or shipping fees or start raising money for your team; we are here to help!

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Why Fundraise
Spirit Supply?

  • Your sales catalogs and online store setup is 100% free so there is no risk on your end
  • With 50 pieces minimum, your profits start at $5.00 earned per item sold and go up from there!
  • Our customer service is top notch!
  • We bag all of the orders individually by seller
  • No charge to work with every order
  • We do all the order entry so you don’t have to